Ecofriendly energy When we started restoring of the seventeenth-century country residence, we chose floor panel heating, both due to rooms cubage reasons (more than 5 meters high) and in order not to distort the internal ambient..

Such heating system has the peculiarity to work with water at low temperature : 35/40° compared to 70° needed by common radiators, allowing a remarkable energy saving. To run the system we use a boiler fed with the one of the most common renewable energies: wood.

This boiler heats the entire building and allows us to produce also the hot sanitary water needed by the Farm holidays’ kitchen and bathrooms.

During restoring phase we faced also sewers problem. In the absence of a municipal sewer in the neighbourhood, we created a phyto-purification system.

“The phyto-purification is a natural purification system of waste waters composed by a waterproof basin filled with gravelly material and vegetated by aquatic plants. Purification is made by the combined action between gravelly substrate, plants, refluent and present micro-organism. The system works in the absence of added energy, therefore without any electromechanical part. It allows to define such plant Ecofriendly.

We created three small lakes : two dedicated to purification and one to the collection of purified waters. The plant has been working for 10 years and has been tested and approved by ARPA (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection).