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Some curiosities about Ghemme DOCG:
The area in which “Ghemme” is produced is partly made by the hilly territories of Ghemme and Romagano Sesia. “Ghemme” as all the most prestigious wines has very old origins.
A Roman gravestone dating back to Tiberio emperor times has been founded in the neighbourhood of Ghemme, this is an archaeological find of unquestioned reliability and evidence of the fact that, in this area, grapevine was cultivated since Roman times.
The “DOCG Ghemme” lives on only 50 hectares vineyard production, that means 2.000 hectolitres of wine To have “Controlled and guaranteed origin denomination” “Ghemme” wine must be made of the following vines up : Nebbiolo min 85% – Vespolina and/or Bonarda Novarese max 15%, and undergo at least three years of ageing, from which at least 20 months in wood barrels and then become refined for at least 9 months in bottle.

Ageing time start on 1st November of the grape harvest year. To get “Riserva” qualification, wine must respect the minimum period of ageing of 4 years, 25 months of which in wood barrels and at least 9 months to become refined in bottle. From a gastronomic point of view this wine is perfect with roasted meat, both red and white, braised and boiled meat, ripe cheese. Suggested temperature for tasting is 18°-20°C and bottle should be opened some hours before.

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