The vegetable garden

Our family, the Martinolis, since generations lives by agriculture and silviculture. In 1985 Giorgio and Tina specialized in the production of fruit and vegetables. After years of experience today we produce from the strawberry cultivated in tunnel to small berries ; from rows of peaches, apricots, plums, pears, apples to trees of cherries and sour cherries; from tomatoes, courgettes, eggplants and peppers cultivated in tunnel to potatoes cultivated on “full field”, from the classic lettuce to the winter chicories, from the green onion to the Savoy cabbage and cauliflower.

At first, our products were sold in the wholesale markets, then directly to the public at the local markets in the area between the Valsesia (Sesia river valley) and the plain of Novara.
In 2001 with the opening of the Farm Holidays, we started to employ most of our products in the preparation of food and we have clearly modified the production accordingly with cooking requirements.

In the fields next to the Farm Holidays you can find some of the tunnels used for vegetables cultivation, we are also preparing the ground to plant a new orchard. Moreover we have some hectares corn and lawn cultivated, dedicated to animals feeding and many woods from which we obtain firewood for the Farm Holidays heating.