The farm

Along the road taking to “Il Cavenago” you will be welcomed by the two ponies Jasmine and Bambola and by the young she-Ass Dira always happy to be pampered by everyone.

Close to Ponies fence there is the henhouse where chickens, rabbits, guinea-hens and laying hens are “as it used to be” ground bred.
Inside the henhouse there is also a small lake where geese and ducks are used to spend most of their time.

Courtyard animals breeding is a main part of our Farm business as allow us to close the chain : animals eat corn and cereals of our production, without use of industrial feeds and supply us with the eggs and meat used in our cooking, besides obviously to produce the organic substance we use to fertilize the fields.

Courtyard animals are moreover worked inside the farm in the meat processing laboratory and can be directly sold to customers, so to have an excellent zero miles product.